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    Chico de 45 años, Hacienda Miraflores, Lima, Peru

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    am looking for an incredible adventure to romance relationship. and emotions easier. as evidenced by feelings I am a man. spiritual. clear. I'm in agriculture, I'm looking for. a lot. planting trees. like animals. love is like the love of life. a relationship. is to give life to another. give life. is to give hope. horizons. attitudes human beings are born each morning. as a man I find myself every morning. there is always a different day to reach the road. correct life is felt. see, hug, and say. life as well. are echos. get real you want to be happy ------ This morning ... as I always was, fixing my gaze to the horizon and I suddenly felt that I needed someone to talk to, my past youth. negyin@hotmail.es rafael944@hotmail.com send you email
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    ove. in Castilian is friendship. estimate. talk. a verb is familiar.you. I should know rafael. queen city. man only child. studypastries. I live alone. work in a restaurant. melavo alone. I am a writer. Songs like quiet. I make books. I love life. I'm not losing his good humor. good humor always wear. I am contemplatingnature. 'm sntar see the sea. and connect thoughts. I think life is so short.to lose patience. to lose the joy. life is lived. with eyes. to discoversomething new every day the verb to love. is said to all I love you. I need You're everything tomy. I'm hot-blood and I'm feeling. in the field. makes a strong sununtil 7pm .. the sun rises from the day begins. 5 am I always go the church. praying in front of the image of the heart ofjesus I am walking in the mountains. I am. always listen. Friendship is the beginning of a rich sex .. I am home. I'm not vice. same volume water without liquor, cooking tamales and desserts. like agriculture. like. Alwaysmeditation of life. my character with God. rafael944@hotmail.com

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